Enterprise SEO Simplified

Maximize SEO Traffic, Minimize SEO Risk

"Sam is one of the best internet marketers out there…he is well worth his fee."

- Neil Patel, QuickSprout

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is about just 2 things:

  1. Getting more organic traffic to your company website(s).
  2. Avoiding costly mistakes that can hurt organic traffic to your company website(s).

For the average website, somewhere between 30% and 90% of the website traffic comes from search engines. That's a lot of eggs in one basket.

What happens to the business if organic traffic tanks for some reason?

When 30-90% of a business's traffic or revenue comes from a single channel, that's a risky scenario. But it's 100x more risky if the people on your team don't understand that channel and how their work affects it.

Let me tell you a quick story...

I was brought in to work with a company who had recently done a complete website redesign. Since launching the new site 2 months prior, they had slowly but surely lost about 80% of their organic traffic. They had nobody internally who was well versed in SEO, and they had no idea what was going on or how to fix it.

The website was bleeding out, and they didn't have a medic. Their frantic Googling for a cure wasn't getting them anywhere. All they knew was this:


Enter me, stage left. I'm kind of like Dr.House, but for websites instead of people 😉

I got a call, they were freaking out, I assured them I could find and fix the problem, and quoted them my fee. It wasn't cheap, but they were losing millions of dollars, so in the end it was a bargain.

And...it took me all of 5 minutes to solve the problem and reverse the trend that had stumped their in-house devs and marketing team for a month.

Here's the thing. Had anyone on their team gone through this training, ANYONE, they could have solved the problem just as quickly. They could have avoided losing millions of dollars to a simple mistake that someone with a tiny bit of SEO training could have caught.

As frustrating as the situation was, this story had a happy ending.

But many don't.

I've seen numerous companies, both large and small, fold because Google made a few tweaks to their algorithm and nobody at the company understood SEO well enough to both plan for the future and mitigate the risks.

Don't be like those companies!

This course is designed from the ground up to teach your employees A. how to get you more traffic, and B. how to not ruin your business.

More reward, less risk. Win-Win.

So, 3 questions:

1. Is organic traffic important to your business?

2. Would you like to have more organic traffic to your business?

3. Do believe everyone in your business whose work directly affects the website should at least understand the basics of SEO?

If yes to all of the above, then you might be thinking...


Now, the question I usually get at this point is: Who on our team should go through this training?

The simple answer is anyone whose work can impact organic traffic.

Here are a few roles that typically benefit:

  • Startup or Small Biz CEOs
  • Content Writers/Bloggers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Paid Search Marketers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • CTOs, Engineers, and Web Developers
  • CMOs, Marketing VPs/Directors, and Marketing Managers
  • Junior to Intermediate in-house SEOs
  • Project Managers (who work with any of the above)

If someone's job impacts your website or sources of traffic to that site, then they need at least a basic understanding of SEO so they can maximize their positive impact and minimize their negative impact on the SEO front.

Are you ready for your team to learn SEO? Here's what they get:

1. The best SEO training course available, period. I built the SEO course I wish I'd had when I first started, and I've worked hard to explain search engine optimization in a way that absolutely anyone can understand. Simplifying complex topics is my superpower.

2. Access to a variety of templates and processes to help you and your team through your SEO journey, as well as extensive links to tools, articles, and additional resources to help everyone learn SEO from end-to-end. I'll be adding and updating material as things change in the SEO world.

3. Each new module is built upon the info from the prior module, so viewing order is enforced for optimum retention. Upon finishing the SEO course, each attendee will be issued a certificate of completion.

4. Every paid seat license also includes unlimited Q&A access to me via email for 30 days. If attendees have any questions about the course material, or how it applies to their projects, I'm here to help! Considering what I charge for consulting, this alone makes it worth it.

So who am I, and why should you learn from me?

Your Instructor

Sam McRoberts
Sam McRoberts

Sam is the owner of VUDU Marketing, and has been doing SEO and online marketing for over 20 years. He's done SEO work for companies such as Amazon, HTC, Microsoft, Nokia, Goodreads, HostGator, as well as for numerous influencers such as Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Chris Ducker, Steve Kamb, and Matt Kepnes.

Sam's work has been featured on Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Moz, Search Engine Journal, EOFire, Smart Passive Income, and Quick Sprout. He has also written for Inc. and Entrepreneur.


Alright, let's get down to brass tacks

SEO may seem complex, but it really doesn't have to be. Every concept in the world of SEO can be boiled down into simple, easy to digest principles.

This SEO course is designed to teach your team everything they need to know to form a solid foundation of search engine optimization principles. Think of it as SEO from first principles.

There are tons of places online to learn SEO, but it's REALLY hard to find a clean, well structured SEO course built with companies in mind.

It's even harder to find one that's accessible for anyone, regardless of technical ability.

Random articles here and there just won't cut it.

Enter SEO Simplified.

SEO Simplified is the most comprehensive yet easy to understand SEO course out there. It consists of 13 detailed modules (almost 8 hours of video training) that cover the field of search engine optimization from end-to-end, as follows:

  1. An Intro to SEO - This first module is entirely free, just scroll down to the Class Curriculum section to start watching.
  2. Why is SEO Important?
  3. SEO Metrics
  4. SEO Tools
  5. SEO Research
  6. Leveraging SEO for Your Business
  7. On-Page SEO
  8. Off-Site SEO
  9. Technical SEO
  10. Content Marketing
  11. Blackhat SEO
  12. The Future of SEO
  13. Bonus

By the end of this course your team will have gained a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of SEO.

Your business will be in safer hands, and you'll be well on your way to dominating the SERPs.

"Sam is a large thinker, always considering the evolving landscape of SEO and Social media. The guidance and strategy Sam provided was extremely valuable to our company."

- Tracey Kelly, CEO, Door to Door Storage


Is it worth it?

Over the last 20 years I've done SEO work for over 350 companies, on sites ranging from 1 page to 2.5 BILLION pages. I've added over $200,000,000 in measurable revenue to these companies directly from the SEO work I've done.

I'm highly selective about which companies I work with, and I turn away more than I accept.

Now, for a small fraction of what I'd charge for a consulting engagement, your team gets access to 20 years of accumulated SEO knowledge and wisdom, distilled down to first principles that anyone can easily consume and understand.

These principles can radically boost traffic and revenue to your website, and help avoid making SEO mistakes that could destroy your business.

And remember, in addition to the SEO course modules I'll also be giving you:

- Unlimited Q&A access to me for 30 days for every attendee. I normally charge my clients $10,000/mo+ for unlimited consulting access directly to me, so this alone is worth the price many times over.

- Access to a variety of templates you can use for your own business, such as keyword research, competitive analysis, tools to help you vet and hire both in-house SEOs and SEO agencies, and much more. No need to reinvent the wheel.

So...what are you waiting for??

"Sam is one of the most creative minds I have ever worked with. In his understanding and implementations of SEO, he stands above the rest."

- AJ Wilcox, CEO, B2Linked

Course Curriculum


"I have met a lot of so called SEO Gurus in my profession but there are a few who really stand out . Sam is one of those. He truly is an expert at his craft and someone whose knowledge and skill is unsurpassed."

- Jon Lisbin, Chairman & Founder, Point It

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this SEO course make me or my team SEO experts?
No, nothing but time and experience actually doing SEO will make someone an expert. But this SEO course will take you pretty far down the SEO rabbit hole, and anyone who makes the effort to really absorb the material will be well on their way :)
How much does it cost?
1-5 Attendees - $500 per seat license
5-10 Attendees - $450 per seat license
11-25 Attendees - $400 per seat license
26-50 Attendees - $350 per seat license
51-100 Attendees - $300 per seat license
100+ Attendees - $250 per seat license

30 days of email Q&A access is included for each attendee. If you want unlimited email Q&A access beyond the first 30 days, it's a flat fee of $5,000/mo per company.
When does the course start and finish?
It is a completely self-paced online course - you can decide when you want your attendees to start, and you can provide them with a deadline for completion if you so choose.
How long do we have access to this SEO course?
Forever. After enrolling, each attendee gains unlimited access to this course, across any and all devices they own.
Do we own the material? Can we modify it, share it, or otherwise use it as we see fit?
Absolutely not. No intellectual property rights are transferred to attendees or their companies. Attendees have the right to watch and read the training material, but that's it. As for any templates provided in the training, you can use and modify those internally for your own business as you see fit, but you can't re-sell them and don't own exclusive rights to them.
Wow, you must really like GIFs!
If I could communicate entirely in GIFs, I absolutely would. In fact, maybe I will...

"I was down 30% in Google traffic...Sam identified all the problems with my site, and we got that 30% back and then some. Now I go to Sam for all my SEO needs."

- Matt Kepnes, NomadicMatt.com

Enrollment Options:

1. If you need 25 seats or fewer, and you're paying by credit card, simply select the appropriate number below and check out. We'll email you special sign-up links for the specified number of seats within 24 hours. You then provide one link to each employee to create their profiles and gain access (each link is unique and can be used only once).

2. If you need more than 25 seats, if you want to sign-up for Q&A access beyond the initial 30 days, or if you need an invoice to run through your billing department, please fill out the form below and we'll schedule a call to discuss the details.

3. For 25 licenses or fewer, we require payment upfront. If you are buying more than 25 seat licenses, and you elect to pay upfront, we offer a 10% discount. Otherwise, 50% is due upon signing, and the remaining 50% is due net-30.

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