Course Overview

Important Note:

The optimal way to go through this course is to go through one module per day (not one video, but one full module). However...underneath each video in each section is a list of resources; watch the video first, all the way through, and then read each linked resource below carefully (if it's an article). The videos will give you the foundational understanding of the SEO principle being addressed, but the articles will add additional color and detail. Video + Resources = Complete Training :)

Also, by default Teachable plays all videos at 360p; if you click the gear icon in the lower right of the video, you can change that to 1080p!

Last but not least, I occasionally use affiliate links for some software products like SEMrush...but I do so ONLY because I love those tools, and use and pay for them myself. If the tool is shite, I won't link to it even if I could get paid to do so. That's not how I roll.

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